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Our company focuses on improving the employees' service consciousness and service capability to build a five-star service team.

  1. We provide multilingual service, such as Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean, etc.
  2. We supply 24-hour service to satisfy clients' needs.
  3. We try our best to meet clients' demands by improving employees' technology and professional quality.
  4. Except the price issues, we will not say no to the clients. If can not satisfy them, we will offer them advice positively.
  5. If the clients encounter difficulty, we will solve problems for them regardless of the interests.
  6. Putting clients' interests first, we save costs for them with sincere corporation and win-win development.
  7. Learn from the clients, understand their operation process & thoughts, and learn their culture and custom.
  8. Except for business services, we offer other business information and advice to establish partnership of common growth with the clients.

Clients satisfaction index

indicates two concepts: producing satisfactory products and serving the clients wholeheartedly. That is to say, it is important to achieve the balance between physical factors and mental factors.

Clients satisfaction index

About Service

As for service, what will occur to you, special things or behaviors? The basic principle of service is to finish your own job, such as

polite correspondence (attitude)

correct correspondence (meaning)

rapid reaction (response)

Meeting these basic elements will improve clients' assessment on service.

The Basic Principle of Clients Correspondence

  1. Among all the emails under one's responsible events, the confirmation emails in the received emails should be replied rapidly.
  2. Have a correct understanding of the related contents required by clients, such as operation instructions, operation quantity, delivery date, etc. If any questions, one must report and contact with the clients.
    (Please keep in mind and comply with the delivery date, and insure the operation quality.)
  3. When one encounter difficulty on operation, do not look for excuses, instead, find ways to solve the problems and consult with the clients.
    (Have consciousness to associate with the clients as cooperative partner.)