DTP Production, Image Processing, E-book Producing, WEB Producing, BPO Outsourcing

E-book Producing

We produce comics which can be smoothly played on mobile phone and touch screen smart phone, and each frame is excellent produced with our efforts. The Company boasts its proficient staff, sound quality management and high-efficient operating procedure and is able to consummate projects entrusted by customers. The comics we made can not only be read in order but animated, differing itself from traditional paper comics. In addition to traditional comics, we also undertake business of photo albums, comic production, etc. which could be viewed with various media.

Professional website illustration producers will be provided to produce illustrations according to customer's requirement on characters, settings, avatars, monsters and props. We are responsible for overall management of schedule, quality, etc. We have managers specially for communication with customers and are able to share information with illustration producers to ensure high quality of end product.

The video with infectious image and sound will be extremely impressive. What's more, video features a vivid playback of sites. We will choose the ideal effect to fit the purpose, theme and target groups based on a full understanding of video features to achieve a best product.