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In today’s dynamic business world, accurate & effective data entry plays a key role in generating meaningful information for making wise business decisions. Our team makes your data entry task easy. We deliver faster, precise and cost effective online & offline form data entry services, document archiving services for any kind of database creation and management. Our data entry, survey and questionnaire forms, medical data entry, library archiving, order, inventory, invoice/billing data entry, rebate forms, rewards program documents, enrolling forms, insurance claim forms, mailing lists, product and warranty registrations data entry.


The department of data processing which is set up at the early time when the company is built has gained experience and technology of 10 years, especially expert in the input of English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
In the department, input of image data, on line data processing, digitization of text and OCR processing are available with 100 operating personnel on the job under the principle of "accuracy, speed and carefulness".

Operating Environment System: Microsoft Windows XP/2003 (English Version)
Input Device: 180
English and Japanese has been mastered very well by most of the personnel with the ability of speaking, reading instructions, and writing delivery documents in English.

Conference can be arranged anytime through the flexible use of teleconference system for the schedule management and consulting reply so as to realize the communication without the limit of time and distance. Besides, the consulting and reply on the operation are conducted usually through e-mail and IM software to realize the communication in the most convenient way.

Services we offer

• Online data entry
• Form data entry
• Document archiving
• Medical data entry
• Survey data entry
• Business cards entry

We have developed sophisticated tools that assist our clients to achieve their goals. We endeavor to offer stellar customer service and we are ready to exceed your expectations. You can confidently outsource data entry projects to us. We specialize in precise data entry from any format whether it is hand written originals, typed copy, online sources or scanned images. Tuosi understands that each and every client will have different goals in terms of data entry services so we tailor-made our solutions in such a manner that they meet the specific requirements of the clients. For an example; some of our clients prefer our manual data entry processes, while others use our automated data capture services by utilizing OCR and OMR.


• Assured data security, confidentiality, and consistent data entry
• Advanced and reliable data entry tools, macros, scripts utilization
• Experienced data entry specialists, typists with accurate & fast data keying skills
• Expertise in different business functions & verticals

Operation Process

Operation Process

Quality Management

Checking on all the data input is conducted to insure the high-quality in our company.

In the checking operation, the same text will be inputted by A first, and later by B again. If there is any difference between, the checking software will manifest alarm to prevent mistake.

Labels will be added in the preparation for the actual input operation. Labels refers to the reminding and warning mark on the supplement of ambiguity in the text or omission of post codes as well as the mistake that has happened before, which will contribute to the fluency of input.

The operators for data input are all regular employees with excellent proficiency in our company.
In addition, all the personnel have participated in the training of ISO27001 with professional safety awareness.