DTP Production, Image Processing, E-book Producing, WEB Producing, BPO Outsourcing

Company profile

Who are we

Tuosi Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2002 with headquarters located in London UK and branches founded in Japan and China, focuses on BPO and IT services. The Company has more than 10 years experience in the outsourcing of services and has cultivated a large number of personnel specialized in technique and management. In years of outsourcing to European countries and Japan, the Company has developed a complete service and quality management system. From sales to project transition and to sites, a multi-language, widely experienced in industry senior personnel team is in place to provide customers with overall services and support. The Company emphasizes technical improvement and R&D and invests greatly in human and material resources annually in order to keep a leading place in technology.

Our Mission
We provide customers with high-quality services that meet international standards. Our customized solutions focus on clients' individual needs and future ambitions. Driven by flexibility, efficiency, and innovation, Tuosi's talented staff provide continuous customer satisfaction and sustainable growth.

What we do

Our business currently includes data input, Desktop publishing & Layout, image processing, finance &accounting support, Human resource service, procurement support, insurance business process outsourcing, multilingual translation, E-book producing, comic authoring, 3D&CG producing, etc., capable of providing a one-stop solution to reduce overall costs for customers. We are customer oriented and our aim is to create value for our customers.

Why us

All companies are aware of the importance of their core functions and thus many are instinctively reluctant to consider outsourcing it, but few companies are actually aware of the advantages of outsourcing. There are several advantages to outsourcing since it can quickly generate significant benefits like accessing world class operational capabilities, reducing costs and easing capital expenditure. While a reduction in costs is the most immediately appreciated benefit, other benefits are listed below,
Strategic focus
Improved focus on core business
Reduction in headcount objectives
Access to specific knowledge, expertise and tools