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Personal Information Protection

As the BPO-oriented (Business Process Outsourcing) company, the basic principle of information security meets the clients' demands in all areas and increases related infrastructure according to their requirements under the principle of protecting clients' information security.

  1. Information Data Management protects all the important information data kept in the company, including personal information. It assesses and sorts the information data concerning the confidentiality, the integration and the availability, on the basis of which countermeasures can be taken to protect such information data.
  2. A Management system is in place, to protect information security and personal information that our company has established regularly modifies and constantly improves.
    A related management system is taught to all our employees and fully implemented, in order to protect information security and personal information.
  3. Our employees are educated and trained to understand the importance of company information security and are aware of the rules needed to implement such security.
  4. Considering a possible case of intentional or accidental misconduct by a third party or our employees, we have adopted appropriate measures to correct such occurrences.
  5. All employees must abide by the rules and regulations of the company.