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Long-term cooperative and trusted relationship with the printing industry in other countries has been built. The skill and experience of every personnel is improved and developed to cope positively with the changing environment of market. Based on the principle of cost cutting for clients, all the tasks before printing are assigned to the DTP team in our company.

Data processing refers to the transformation of data to information and knowledge through computer processing. It will manifest the data in a proper pattern and provide convenient "information" for practical use. Data processing is also called "information processing". The information of more added values is created through processing of original information or integration of more data for business so as to provide more concise, more friendly and more meaningful information for users.

Image processing generally refers to the processing of digital images. In our daily lives, those images are processed through computer, which are transferred from the electronic devices such as digital camera, digital recorder, and electronic scanner.

Businesses of WEB producing are all conducted by the professionals with high skills and plentiful experience through the flexible handling of all kinds of cases regardless of the scale in order to meet the requirements of clients.

Working achievement that can meet various needs of the clients is provided by the department of animation producing through the technology advantage of cutting, coloring, and e-book producing, which is worth the trust from the clients, as well as the principle of high-quality, low-cost, fast and "safety".

Veteran translator in relevant field will be selected for the task in accordance with the specific content of text. Meanwhile, a translation system prevalent in the world has been adopted to ensure the unity of terms and translation.