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The rapid development of information technology has brought us the third major transformation of the world economy. With the increasing popularity of the Internet, using the innovation of network technology to meet the diverse needs of clients has become a new growth point in the global economy, and Tuosi Technology was born as the times require.

Since the beginning of its establishment in 2002, the company has been focusing its vision on the global business process outsourcing industry (BPO), aiming at international development, taking the continuous innovation of technology as the assurance, the provision of more convenient and comprehensive services for clients as the guideline, making the action of helping clients to create more profits as the embodiment of its own value, pursuing the continuous development of the enterprise within the framework of repaying the society and realizing the value of the employees.

We are committed to constantly improving our business system and strive to create a one-stop service platform for global clients. We have achieved international operations in Asia and Europe in both substantial and capital segments through the integration of resources. At the same time, we focus on the entire cycle of our client's business development and can provide support throughout the entire process, including concept incubation, implementation planning, operational support, process improvement, and technology enhancement.

After years of rapid development, we have established excellent business partnerships with more than 300 clients in more than 10 different countries or regions around the world, providing outsourcing services for clients in various industries in areas such as employee services, financial management, financial transactions, data analysis, supply chain, customer service, and technical support. Assisting clients in technology improvement, revenue growth, and cost reduction through continuous improvement of their business processes. We are constantly committed to creating a broader and more high-end platform for talents. We believe that only with more talent, our company can go further, our clients can get more returns, and we can make more contributions to the progress of society.

"Tuosi" means always forging ahead and diligent in thinking, and we think about the goals of the next stage from the pioneering of each stage. In the next 20 years, we hope that our company can develop faster and more steadily on the road of globalisation, establish business relationships with more clients in various industries, and attract more excellent talents to join us so that we can realise our vision of "partner for the growth of clients and platform for the development of talent" together, and build up our brand image as an international outsourcing company.

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