Company Introduction

India Tuosi Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tuosi Technology Enterprise Group, mainly focus on Big Data Services.
Tuosi Technology Enterprise Group is headquartered in India with operations in the United Kingdom, China, and Japan.
Its services involve Big Data Collection, Data Processing, Data Analysis, Data Mining, etc. in various industries. Considering the professional manager methodology, high-quality control system, and high-efficiency delivery, the company has also given Big Data Services to Japanese Vehicle & Household Appliances Industries.
The company is officially involved in the field of Big Data since 2015, based on the various resources and advanced systems via 15 years of experience in Japanese outsourcing.
The company has operation centers in India and China. It also has the Industry Strategic Cooperation Team in Taiwan and the UK, which strongly supported the company with high independence and flexible methodology in managing large-scale projects.
Based on the resources in Japan, Taiwan, and Europe, the company has cooperated with large multinational companies, Taiwan's famous Big Data companies.
Information security can be regarded as the most significant factor while delivering high-quality service. Based on the information security regulation of different countries, the company conducts 24-hours and cross-region whole process behavior monitoring, precaution information warming, functional area physical division to provide safety customer information environment.
The satisfaction of customer always is regarded as the company’s value of existence, the concept of “customer first” guide the company chasing the highest standard to a satisfied customer.


INDIA TUOSI, a Tuosi Technology Enterprise Group subsidiary, is the Group’s foray into Big Data Services.
Tuosi Technology Enterprise Group is conquering the field of Information Technology & Services since 2002, headquartered in India with operations in the United Kingdom, China, and Japan.

Company Name India Tuosi Technology Co., Ltd.
Founded May 8, 2015
Employees 180 Employees(Counted on May 2021)
Services 1、Data collection;
2、Integrated Data Processing;
3、Big Data Analysis, Data Mining & Application, etc.
Address & Contact Tanishq Tower, Plot No. 668 Scheme No.114 Part 2, Indore (Madhya Pradesh) India - 452010
Contact Number:+91 7879878101
Certificates Certificates PIPA:
Acquisition of Personal Information Protection Certification (Certification NumberPIPA010000110(01))
Obtained Certification Of International Quality Management System (Certification Number :02405

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