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Quality control

We have established a quality supervision department to strictly inspect the status and operation quality of all projects. In addition, on the basis of traditional quality management we have introduced a number of advanced quality management methods and operation management software, to provide defect-free products for clients.
The quality inspection is carried out by experienced senior employees. Where quality inspection may require localized national expertise then such local expert employees will be used. The quality department sets up acceptable quality level based on operation quality requirements. If work does not conform to the acceptable quality level, the inspection data will be returned to the department for reprocessing until the required levels are achieved.
Adopt different quality inspection methods according to specific business situations, such as overall inspection, partial inspection, random sampling inspection, etc.
Our company incorporates ISO9001, BS7799, ISO27001 and CMM4 into the quality management system. Establish the quality management system centered on clients' satisfaction. While ensuring and improving quality, we upgrade the steady management process most suitable for our standard.

Quality Management